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60 Mindful Minutes

Dec 26, 2017


We connect with other people all day long, in person and online. But how often do we take the time to connect with ourselves, to really check in and see how we’re doing and feeling? It’s not a practice our busy, fast-paced society allows for. In fact, it feels like we’re more distracted from ourselves than ever. Any given moment we have a multitude of things puling at us, demanding our attention. But there is so much value in coming home to ourselves. In this discussion with performance coach Angie Byrd we dig into why we don’t connect with ourselves and what we’re missing. And we also discuss how we can create self-connection practices and their immense benefits.   

Guest Bio

Angie Byrd is a teacher, writer and partner to women in motion. She serves women through intense, experiential engagements that demand presence, honesty and the shared possibility of something more. With Angie’s help, women see, feel and experience themselves as powerful beings that matter, have deep connection with themselves and in their relationships, and can pursue lives of passion and purpose. Though these transformational partnerships, Angie devotes herself to powerful, courageous women who take a stand for the lives and world they want to create. She works with clients one-on-one and in group structure designed for intense impact, speaks to audiences of all sizes and shares her work through her writings.

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