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60 Mindful Minutes

Feb 9, 2018

What happens when a community comes together to share its stories, triumphs, struggles and aspirations? PechaKucha, an international speaker series based on a 20×20 format (20 slides, 20 seconds each), exists to explore this question. Now held in over 1,000 cities around the world, the series gives a platform to each city’s residents—from creatives to professionals to regular folks with a story to tell—and the result is people connecting with people they would probably have never crossed paths. Minds change, perspectives shift, empathy and compassion expands, and also people fall in love with the unique tapestry of their city.


Guest Bio

As a writer and communicator, Eddie Selover helps people express their business and personal stories in ways that are more relevant, credible, and impactful. As a marketing communications professional, Eddie has written speeches for senior executives, organized and executed large-scale conferences and events. As a certified life coach, Eddie helps people clarify their goals and priorities, and then better align their choices and actions to help meet those goals.


Several times a year, Eddie brings some of Orlando’s most interesting people together, as the organizer and host of PechaKucha Orlando. Held in over 1,000 cities around the world, PechaKucha Nights feature an eclectic mix of creatives and professionals who present in the 20×20 format: 20 slides, 20 seconds each.


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