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60 Mindful Minutes

Mar 26, 2018

Spring is nearly upon us, which means for many of us, it’s time to go back outside. My guest today is Rebecca P. Cohen, someone who is incredibly passionate about inspiring families and individuals to spend more time outside. What’s ahead is a conversation about the enormous benefits to being intentional about spending time outdoors every day—with your kids and with yourself – and how to easily and almost effortlessly create a ‘15-minutes outside’ habit.


Guest Bio

Rebecca P. Cohen has taught 6,000 children in North America, Europe, Africa, and China and is the go-to spokesperson and inspirational speaker for getting outside any time of the year. Rebecca's early reader children's book series, PJ's Backyard Adventures, is the latest project from the author of the book, 15 Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids (Sourcebooks) and creator of Rebecca Plants Curiosity Cards. Rebecca’s work has been featured in USA Today, Better Home and Gardens, Parenting, Redbook, Working Mother, Family Circle, and Backyard Solutions.


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