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60 Mindful Minutes

Sep 28, 2018

As you can probably imagine, I read a lot about the topic of human connection and recently I came across an article written for Scientific American titled To Combat Loneliness, Promote Social Health. It not only honed in on the mounting evidence that shows relationships should be a public health priority, but it reported that the UK has recently appointed a Minister for Loneliness. This is pretty astounding and I wanted to know more about the idea of loneliness as a public health priority, in the same way that nutrition and vaccinations area. So, I reached out to the author of the article, Kasley Killan, to see if she was open to an interview and she said YES!


Guest Bio

Kasley Killam is a program manager at Verily, where she sets the strategic direction and oversees the implementation of community engagement initiatives for Verily's national clinical research platform. Based in San Francisco, Kasley spends her evenings and weekends mobilizing efforts to combat loneliness and promote social health as a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, member of the board of directors for the Community Living Campaign, and contributor to Scientific American. Learn more at


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