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60 Mindful Minutes

Nov 4, 2018

If you’ve ever experienced improvisational sketch comedy, you’ve likely seen people unfurl and connect with each other in ways that just aren’t common, or maybe even possible, in their day to day life. There’s something so raw and real about learning to create a moment, in front of an audience, just with what comes into your head and out of your mouth. The result is a connection between the actors and to the audience that’s truly extraordinary.


Guest Bio

Emily Fontano is the Artistic Director of SAK Comedy Lab, home to live shows nearly every night inside SAK’s 250-seat theater, but also oodles of classes for those interested in learning how to do improvisation. Emily performs in SAK shows, teaches classes at SAK U, competes in festivals across the country, and hosts her own podcast (Amanda and Emily: We Have a Podcast). Learn more at


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