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60 Mindful Minutes

Mar 25, 2019

Charles Vogl is an award-winning author of The Art of Community: Seven Principles for Belonging. He’s an executive consultant who works with leaders in tech, finance, media, government and social change organizations. He lectures and leads workshops across the country, and is a regular guest lecturer at the Yale School of Management and Yale Leadership Institute. As a speaker and writer, he draws on his experience in international human rights advocacy and social change, exploring the principles of community as they apply to both secular and spiritual leadership.



Cultures of belonging aren’t just happy accidents. They’re often designed and cultivated with purpose and intention. Today’s guest has identified seven time-tested principles for growing enduring, effective and connected communities. These communities could be small, like your immediate family, or they can be larger, like a thriving yoga studio or a church with a congregation 10,000 strong. There’s a method to building vibrant, living cultures where people are nourished by a deep sense of belonging and mutual care.


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The Art of Community: Seven Principles for Belonging


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