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60 Mindful Minutes

Oct 27, 2022

Title: EP211: Get to Know Your Neighbors


I’ve been thinking about the status of neighbors and our interactions with them in this fast-paced and highly digitalized world we live in. How many of us actually know our neighbors? Maybe we’re missing out on a deep sense of belonging and community that could be built...

Oct 25, 2022

As an esteemed veterinary oncologist with nearly two decades of experience, Dr. Renee Alsarraf knew a lot about treating cancer, healing, and grief. Then she was given her own cancer diagnosis and she learned that our furry, four-legged, slobbering animals have so much to teach us about healing, positivity and...

Oct 20, 2022

Being present in the body is a homecoming, a re-inhabiting, an opportunity to return to and reengage with ourselves. Attuning to the present moment, most often through our bodily senses, we experience the delight and beauty of being alive.


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Oct 18, 2022

With all of its noise and distraction, this world we live in isn’t really designed for regular personal reflection. And yet, it’s in the quiet moments with ourselves that we come to listen to our thoughts, get to know who we are, and tap into our innate wisdom. In his new book, How Am I Doing?: 40 Conversations to...

Oct 13, 2022

Here’s the magic of the mind: when we pay attention, we have the wonderful capacity to both think our thoughts AND witness ourselves thinking them. We are the thinker and the watcher all at once, which means when the uninvited memories and unwelcome worries arrive, we can notice that they’re there. This awareness...