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60 Mindful Minutes

Oct 21, 2019

Guest Bio

Amy Alkon is the author, most recently, of the "science-help" "Unf*ckology: A Field Guide to Living with Guts and Confidence.” She’s also a mediator and volunteers weekly in the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office, providing free dispute resolution for LA residents. She has been on Good Morning America, The Today Show, NPR, CNN, MTV, podcasts including Adam Carolla's and Joe Rogan’s, and has given a TED talk. 



Many of us have areas of our life where we shrink a little, we let ourselves be a little smaller. You might even say, where we sell ourselves out. To me, part of living life my fully and really thriving is learning to navigate my perceived shortcomings, my fears and my stumbling blocks. Part of that is simply identifying what those are and the other part, as you will soon hear, is taking action in spite of them.


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Unf*ckology: A Field Guide to Living with Guts and Confidence


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