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60 Mindful Minutes

Mar 5, 2018

I first met Katie in my Friday yoga class. She’s a little hard to miss since she’s the only yogi in the class who brings her dog with her. I soon came to find out that she works as a volunteer raising companion dogs as well as therapy dogs. I was immediately fascinated, not just by her work with dogs, but I had a million questions about the relationship between dogs and humans, why dogs are so good at reregulating us and why so many people regard them as man’s best friend. Having owned a dog myself in the past, I have felt the deep love that is exchanged between a person and his or her mutt. Having owned cats my entire life, in my experience, it’s just not the same thing. Join me in this conversation about the impact dogs have on our lives, the work they do in our communities, and how and why animals, not just dogs, have the power to improve our wellbeing.


Guest Bio

Katie Seymour is a volunteer puppy raiser with Canine Companions for Independence and a volunteer handler with Be an Angel Dog Ministry and with Therapy Dogs Inc.



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