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60 Mindful Minutes

Nov 23, 2021

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When it comes to creating the lives we want, we’re often told that we need to focus on things like commitment, willpower, positive thinking or goal-setting. But Adele Spraggon, author of the book, SHIFT: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment, thinks there’s actually somewhere else we should be paying attention, and that’s our mental patterns. Current brain research shows that our decisions are the result of decision-making patterns that were created early in life and yet they continue to set the direction of our lives. But these are only patterns and patterns can be changed.


Guest Bio

Adele Spraggon is an award -winning author, a thought leader, an international trainer and speaker. In 2020, she was awarded the Woman of Inspiration: Customer Experience Award, and in 2021, she was recognized as the Top Behavioral Expert of the Year by IAOTP: International Association of Top Professionals. Her book, Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment, has won three awards for its powerful message of inspiration and hope and is sweeping the globe, transforming how people are setting and achieving their goals.


Host Bio

Kristen Manieri is the author of Better Daily Mindfulness Habits: Simples Changes with Lifelong Impact (July 2021: Rockridge Press). She’s certified both as a habits coach and mindfulness teacher. She specializes in: stress reduction, energy management, mindset, resilience, focus, habit formation, rest rituals, and prioritizing personal well-being. As the host of the weekly 60 Mindful Minutes podcast, an Apple top 100 social science podcast, Kristen has interviewed over 140 authors and thought-leaders about what it means to live a more conscious, connected, intentional AND joyful life. Learn more at


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