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60 Mindful Minutes

Jun 7, 2022

Our ability to be conscious of and to direct our own thoughts and emotions forms the bedrock of our emotional intelligence and self-awareness. As we raise our awareness of our inner workings, we may discover that our mind is made up of mental habits that cause us to interpret the world around us and act accordingly. In her book, Beyond Emotional Intelligence: A Guide to Accessing Your Full Potential, author Michele Nevarez explores the influence these mental habits have over our lives and the ways we can work with them to give us more agency.

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Guest Bio

Michele Nevarez has been studying Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practicing the wisdom at the core of its contemplative meditation practices for 29 years. She received her B.A. in Religion from Bryn Mawr College and Master of Science degree in Positive Organizational Development and Change from the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. As CEO and Chief Education Officer for Beyond EI’s Coaching and Training programs, Michele’s vision is to democratize Emotional Intelligence as a means of igniting personal and global agency. Michele brings 25+ years of executive leadership experience working for industry leaders in healthcare, investment management, management consulting, and manufacturing.


Host Bio

Kristen Manieri is the author of Better Daily Mindfulness Habits (July 2021: Rockridge Press). She’s a certified both as a habits coach and mindfulness teacher. She specializes in: stress reduction, energy management, mindset, resilience, focus, habit formation, rest rituals, and prioritizing personal well-being. As the host of the weekly 60 Mindful Minutes podcast, an Apple top 100 social science podcast, Kristen has interviewed over 120 authors and thought leaders about what it means to live a more conscious, connected, intentional AND joyful life. Learn more at


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