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60 Mindful Minutes

Jan 20, 2020

Guest Bio

Dana V. Adams is the Founder of the Life Mapping Institute and is considered one of the country’s top thought leaders on the life mapping process. She is the author of Live Your Gift and its robust companion guide for creating your personal life map. She is a single mom of four boys, ages 16-23, and resides in the same lakeside community where she grew up, in Kirkland, Washington.



Live on purpose and design a joyful, meaningful life through Life Mapping, a personal development system and goal achievement method for those who strive for continual growth. Life mapping is more than writing down goals—it is also looking at your beliefs, principles, and values to determine if they align with what you truly desire in life.


Mentioned in this Episode


Live Your Gift: Discovering Your Authentic Life Through Life Mapping by Dana V. Adams


Life Mapping: A Unique Approach To Finding Your Vision And Reaching Your Potential by Bill Cohen


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