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60 Mindful Minutes

May 19, 2020

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Andrew Forsthoefel is the author of “Walking to Listen: 4,000 Miles Across America, One Story at a Time,” a memoir he wrote after spending 11 months walking by himself across the country. On his backpack was a sign that read, "Walking to Listen," which became the opening and the invitation for countless interactions, conversations and newfound friendships as he made his way on his journey. Andrew was looking for a graduate program in the human experience, a teacher who’d show up and show him how to do the work of being human. At 23 year’s old, he wanted to mark his entrance into adulthood and transform into the man who would carry him the rest of his life.

Guest Bio

Andrew Forsthoefel is a writer, speaker, and workshop facilitator. In 2011, he spent a year walking across America with a sign on his backpack that read "Walking to Listen." His memoir, of the same name, tells the tale of his journey. Now, Andrew offers workshops and lectures at high schools, universities, and retreat centers to share and promote the transformational connection that deep listening makes possible. He lives in Vermont.

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