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60 Mindful Minutes

Dec 18, 2017


There’s so much more to travel than the places we can cross off our bucket list or the photos we can take. International travel writer Rachelle Lucas invites travelers to break from the pack and get lost in a city. The best travel experiences are the ones that we never expected to happen, and they can only be found when we put down the map or the guidebook and just explore.

Travel gives us the opportunity to connect with ourselves, with our fellow travelers and with the culture we are visiting. When we’re open to it, it can broaden our belief systems, question our biases, and open our mind and heart.  

Guest Bio

Rachelle Lucas is an international travel writer whose worked with People magazine, Travel Channel. The New York Times and USA Today. She founded the website The Travel Bite, a food and travel blog for inspiring active culinary vacations.  

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