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60 Mindful Minutes

Dec 17, 2019

Guest Bio

Caryn is an Ayurvedic Health Consultant, wellness event planner, yoga instructor and colon cancer thriver. The tools she has gained through Ayurveda and the holistic health sciences have given her the courage to continue to come into her fullest power as an individual. By surrendering to her personal truth, Caryn has created an abundant and vibrant life her herself and those around her.



As we set out on a journey to evolve as human beings, much of that path is discovering who we really are. Ayurveda is an excellent excavation tool for those seeking to live not only more healthfully but more in balance on the inside and outside. What’s ahead is a discussion about what Ayurvedic philosophy is, how to use it to discover who we are, and how we can orient ourselves towards making wellbeing and feeling good a priority.


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