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60 Mindful Minutes

Aug 11, 2020

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It’s understandable that we approach conversations about racism with a degree of trepidation. But this week’s guest wants us to be less afraid about talking about race. Drawing on her academic study, teaching experience, and life lessons, Dr. Amanda Kemp created Racial Justice from the H.E.A.R.T., a system that builds skill and increases capacity so that we can transform how we talk about racism.


Guest Bio

Dr. Amanda Kemp is the author of Stop Being Afraid! 5 Steps to Transform your Conversations about Racism, and Say the Wrong Thing, a collection of personal essays about racial justice and compassion. With a doctorate in race and performance from Northwestern University, she taught college students at Cornell University, Dickinson College, and Franklin and Marshall College. She’s now a Visiting Scholar at Franklin & Marshall and has helped over 25,000 people have open-hearted conversations and practice compassion to cultivate racial justice and authentic community. In her work as a racial justice coach and mindfulness mentor, Dr. Kemp blends activism and spirituality. Drawing on her academic study of race, her teaching experience, and life lessons in an interracial blended family, Dr. Kemp created Racial Justice from the H.E.A.R.T., a system that that builds skill and capacity of compassionate change makers, facilitators, and coaches worldwide.


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