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60 Mindful Minutes

Dec 11, 2017


During this interview, we discuss how we can prime our emotional state, refine our inner awareness and create better attention skills that result in us having a greater capacity to monitor our mind and body in real time.


Key Takeaways

  • “We have emotional deficit disorder around our own potential.”
  • Excellence is having the ability to create an exceptionally stable and clarified mind… we do this through contemplative practices.
  • When we refine our emotional awareness, we come home to ourselves more readily.
  • We must boldly re-envision our lives as something with meaning and purpose.


Guest Bio

Ryan Redman is the Executive Director of Flourish Foundation, a social profit dedicated to promoting contemplative based practices in communities for the purpose of achieving mental balance and universal compassion. 

He has spent most of his life learning to make the time and the space to visit his inner world. The result has been the creation of a curriculum on topics such as contemplative practices, mindfulness and emotional regulation that he now teaches to adults, teens and kids in his home state of Idaho and also across the country.

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