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60 Mindful Minutes

Feb 16, 2019

Togetherness happens around food. Meals, when we let them, can be the richest and most important social connectors in life. Built into the making and consuming of our food are all sorts of rich opportunities to feel connected, but only if we take advantage of those opportunities and mine those moments. This week we speak to Chef Kathleen Blake about food and togetherness.


Guest Bio

Iowa native Kathleen Blake started cooking at an early age in her grandmother's kitchen where she helped prepare Sunday Suppers for her large extended family. Staying true to her path, Blake worked in restaurants during high school and then moved out West to attend the Community College of San Francisco's Culinary Apprenticeship Program. After many years and many kitchens, she and her husband, William, opened The Rusty Spoon in downtown Orlando in 2011. A beloved chef among the locals, Blake is also a 2013 and 2015 James Beard Award Nominee.


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