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60 Mindful Minutes

Apr 20, 2019

Guest Bio

Alicia Braccia is a Florida Licensed School Psychologist who received her Masters Degree and Certificate of Advanced Study in School Psychology at Fairfield University, in Connecticut. She has a Diplomate in School Neuropsychology from Texas Women’s University. Prior to moving to Florida and forming the Center for Health, Learning and Achievement’s multi-disciplinary team, she was a Teacher, Peer Supervisor and School Psychologist in the New York Public School System. Learn more at



It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent or a CEO, a surgeon or a hockey coach, the principles of brain function and neuropsychology are universal. When we can understand what’s happening inside the brain when people we love get upset or frustrated, as well as feel joyful and safe, we can create better connections and relationships with those around us. By the end of this episode you’ll have a new skill that can exponentially make your family and work life better. 


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