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60 Mindful Minutes

Nov 2, 2017

Guest Bio

Carrie Contey, PhD is an internationally recognized coach, author, speaker and educator. Her work offers a new perspective on human development, parenting, family life and being a healthy, happy, whole human being. Learn more at



Carrie Contey has been our parenting coach for many, many years and along the way her insights and wisdom have helped us navigate our parenthood, partnership and personhood with clarity and intention. 

Today’s conversation focused on connection rituals—the habits we create to consistently sync with the people we share our lives with. 

Many of us have relationships with people we see every day, maybe all day, every day. And what Carrie and I discussed today was how to add more juice to those relationships and why there is so much value in having connection rituals.


Key Takeaways

  • We all crave a deep sense of belonging and long to be seen and felt by the people in our lives.
  • Give away only 49%; save 51% for your own self-care because you can only give your best to the world when you’ve filled yourself up first.
  • Creating connection rituals gives us the opportunity to settle back into our relationships and to energetically return to home. 


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