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60 Mindful Minutes

Dec 14, 2023

Robert and Kay Lee Fukui, authors of Tandem: The Married Entrepreneurs' Guide for Greater Work-Life Balance, share their insights for how couples can work better together in business and in life. From improving conflict styles and communication skills to creating ways to maintain balance and connection, Robert and Kay Lee offer strategies for staying strong when times are tough. 


Guest Bio

Robert and Kay Lee Fukui are the co-founders of i61, inc., a business consulting company. They assist married entrepreneurs create better work/life balance by structuring the business to scale while giving precious time back to the owner to invest into their marriage.


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Guest’s book: Tandem: The married entrepreneurs' guide for greater work-life balance by Robert Fukui and Kay Lee Fukui 


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Host Bio

Kristen Manieri is a coach who works with teams to increase both productivity and wellbeing. She also helps individuals navigate transition with clarity and confidence. Her areas of focus are: stress reduction, energy management, mindset, resilience, habit formation, rest rituals, and self-care. As the host of the weekly 60 Mindful Minutes podcast, an Apple top 100 social science podcast, Kristen has interviewed over 200 authors about what it means to live a more conscious, connected, intentional and joyful life. Learn more at 


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