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60 Mindful Minutes

Mar 12, 2020

Guest Bio 

Debrena Jackson Gandy is a nationally published best-selling author of All the Joy You Can Stand: 101 Sacred Power Principles for Making Joy Real in Your Life, as well as two other books. She’s a successful business owner of 20+ years, national and international speaker, transformational success coach, thought-leader, nationally recognized relationships coach, award-winning leader and speaker, wife, mother, former TV show host, Huff Post contributor, personal mentor to women all across the country, and a creative, JUICY and joy-full woman that is living her dreams! 



What if joy was the secret power source you needed to not only live your day-to-day life but to make all your dreams come true? What if it was the fuel that gave each of us the energy, confidence and clarity to do our best work in the world and make the contribution we were put here to make? This week’s guest believes joy is the center of our being and the more the we can build a capacity for it, the bigger and brighter our lives become.  


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