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60 Mindful Minutes

Mar 31, 2020

Guest Bio 

Isabel Gillies is the New York Times best-selling author of Cozy: The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World, Happens Every Day, A Year And Six Seconds and Starry night. Her work has been published in Vogue, The New York Times, Real Simple, Cosmopolitan. GOOP and Saveur. Isabel, also known for her television role as Detective Stabler’s wife on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and for her cinematic debut in the film Metropolitan, graduated from New York University with a BFA in film. A lifelong New Yorker, she lives in Manhattan with her husband, kiddos, and Maude & Duke the dogs. 




We have an innate ability to comfort ourselves, to come to our own rescue, to steady ourselves, and to come home to our moments. This week I speak with author Isabel Gillies about how to feel good and how to get through the day. 


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